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Morning for kids can be stupidly exciting. Sometimes just waking up to Milo Cereal is enough to have them in a frenzy. The by-product of too much Milo is, of course, a visit from the tooth fairy. In the case of Bridge Farm Primary School, students woke up to a surprise from notorious street artist Banksy.

The children at the school were tasked with naming one of their school houses after someone they considered a ‘hero’, and they decided Bansky was the go. The artist had been informed of their decision, but no one at the school had heard back from him. Instead, he decided to just leave them a mural to find on their return from school holidays. Along with the mural came a note from the artist: “Thanks for your letter and naming a house after me. Please have a picture. If you don’t like it feel free to add stuff, I’m sure the teachers won’t mind,” he wrote. “Remember — it’s always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love Banksy.”

The art depicts a girl chasing a burning tire with a stick and, with it’s classic Banksy style, definitely tops a visit from the tooth fairy. Check it out in the gallery above and maybe try your luck at writing to the artist and see if you wake up to some free art. We won’t hold our breath, though.

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