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Apparently, Mike Stefanini has been “pretending to be American” for nearly two decades. While the acclaimed illustrator and graphic designer originally hails from France, his work better reflects the rampant consumerism curated by the American dollar bill.

In his latest collection of portraits, Stefanini turns capitalistic iconography on its head. Using vibrant colour schemes, Stefanini takes well-known brands and swaps their original packaging with those of completely unrelated brands.

For example, the Netflix logo is imprinted on a medicine container, the Nike logo covers a Coca-Cola can and the Pepsi logo is emblazoned upon a bottle of bleach.

Stefanini labelled the collection ‘brand mix’ without providing any further explanation. Whether these images are a form of scathing commentary on our comfort with brand enterprise or merely a series of mind-bending illustrations – it’s incredibly odd to see the Campbell’s Soup logo on a Marlboro package – is anyone’s guess.

Check out more images from this series above. To see more of Stefanini’s previous work check out his official Instagram.

Weekly updates