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These photographs of burnouts are majestic AF

Simon Davidson transforms high-horsepower into a new aesthetic light

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High-powered machinery and stunning photography: an unlikely, yet aesthetically satisfying, combination. In his latest photo series, Australian photographer Simon Davidson unveils a multitude of high-horsepower burnouts in plumes of coloured smoke. In each photograph’s stillness, Davidson portrays a certain peacefulness and, through this, finds beauty in seemingly non-beautiful settings. He purposefully uncovers the intersection of chaos and calm.

‘Amongst the bombastic chaos of a burnout, tranquility exists,’ he says about the collection. ‘Hidden from the conscious self, these zen like moments are only revealed by the slicing of time. The immediate reality for a sideline spectator of a high horsepower burnout is vastly different from what I’m searching for. Burnouts are loud, acrid and the air is thick with smoke and tyre dust. In my burnout series I am looking to explore beauty where it’s not immediately obvious.’

Check out the majestic photo series in the gallery above. Davidson is a Sydney-based photographer, whose passion for cars sees him uncover an alluring simplicity in the chaos and complexity of car machinery. For more info about the Australian photographer, take a look a look at his website here. If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, we don’t know what will.

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