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Weekly updates

Greetings, December. Looking back on the year kind of makes us ask WHWD (what have we done)? What have we done with our time, our friends, when was the last time you called your mum?!

We try not to put too much stock into each year’s passing, but the final month of 2016 does serve a pretty acute reminder that time is indeed ticking and we’re down to try to and make the most of every minute we’ve got. The gallery picks for this week are pretty crazy (Kitt Bennett, we’re looking at you) and it’s just a good a time as ever to peep the local talents around that are giving us more to look forward too than just downloading Blue Planet every Monday. So shoot your friends a “WYD” text and try to peep some of the freshest art out. And seriously, call your mum. We’re pretty sure she’d dig Louder Than Letters.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. Open Studios - Collingwood

Every year the good people at Everfresh Studio open their doors to the public, allowing visitors the chance to meet the artists and purchase their work. This Saturday marks their next Open Studio and we’re pretty damn keen, to say the least. We’re talking a full exposé of pieces new and old that have been hiding in the Collingwood studio, with work from Rone, Wonder, Callum Preston, Tom Civil,Mayo, Stephen Baker, Jasmine Jeanne, Emily Vandalism and more up for grabs.

In the wake of Rone’s recent solo exhibition, we’re pretty hyped to get a chance to look at more of his work—and considering there can only be 50 people in the studio at a time, you’ll catch us there at 12pm when it opens to beat the rush. Be sure to head to the Facebook event for the rest of the juicy details.

02. Salon de Sydney - Sydney

The team at aMBUSH Gallery know how to say goodbye in style. Wrapping up their 18-month residency in Central Mall Park, the team are preparing to head back home to Waterloo—but don’t plan to do so without a farewell show and a half.

Showcasing previous works from the gallery along with a mix of fresh pieces, the collection boasts over 60 Sydney artists all in the one place. With a mix of paintings, drawings and digital media, the walls of the gallery are filled top to bottom, making for possibly the most diverse (not to mention free) show we’ve seen open this year. Open daily, Salon de Sydney is only open until December 4 so be sure to roll through while you can. Head over to their site to take a look at the full artist lineup.

03. Kitt Bennett - Onwards & Inwards

Artist and illustrator Kitt Bennett takes the word intricate to a whole new level. The Melbourne-based artist is set to put on his first solo show (aside from one in a public bathroom last year) that will intrigue you as much as it will make you consider getting your eyes checked. Seriously, you can look at one of his pieces for 20 minutes and still find something new. Hosted by the good folks at Juddy Roller, Onwards & Inwards investigates how the internal and external world connect. 

Through a series of drawings and immersive installations, Bennett aims to explore the meaning behind our attachments to objects and how these material items influence our individuality. One look at the promo video below and we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked, so be sure to take a look at the Facebook event for the full scoop.

04. Louder Than Letters - Abbotsford

Bringing the goods down from Good Space, Sydney, the fam at Old School the New School for Design and Typography are putting on the typography show of the year at the Abbotsford Convent. As an exploration into the “world’s love affair with letters”, the show delves into the way typography can make a few words mean so much more. Think about it, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So a picture of words is worth a thousand times a thousand words—or something like that. Look, all fake mathematics equations aside, this exhibition brings typography under the spotlight as the form continues to evolve and become more accessible and popular than ever before. Be sure to take a peek at their Facebook event for full details, and give their Instagram feed a nice scroll for the most satisfying collection of typography out.

05. Vectorized Reality - Fitzroy

If you’re yet to acquaint yourself with the hectic work that French artist Rashe is putting out, then his upcoming show is the perfect place to delve into his VECTORIZED REALITY

Drawing from his background in both graphic design and graffiti writing, the pieces showcase a unique meld of digital and hands-on techniques. The pieces kind of have to be seen to believed, where to focus is set on exploring new insights into our own cultural and socioeconomic environment. Peep the preview video below and be sure to check out the Facebook event for the full details on this one.