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Not to spoil what you’re about to read in the list below, but we’re seriously hyped over Bury Me With the Lo On. A showcase of youth stealing from the rich and making it that much cooler is pretty prime right now since America decided to employ a rich-ass careless businessman as their President. The man leading the free world started his trail to riches with a million dollar loan and probably has zero empathy for thieves like the Lo Lifes. Odds are empathy isn’t even in his vocabulary, despite Trump’s claim that he has the “best words.” Well, we’ve got a couple words for Trump and most of them consist of four letters but instead of getting all down in the Trump gloom, we’re going to enjoy this coming weekend that is jam packed with popping galleries and cheap beer. Yep, we’re strong believers in art therapy and if you’re finding it hard to do something creative these days then it’s always a good move to check out what others are putting out. So have a flick through the list below and if it all does go to shit then please, bury us with the Lo on too.

01. Bury Me With the Lo On - Fitzroy

Okay, this is one we’re pretty freaking keen on.

Over the past six years, Tom Gould has been documenting the culture borne from the ‘Lo Lifes’—teenagers from the ’80s who made it their mission to collect as much Polo Ralph Lauren as possible. Having directed concepts for artists like Future, Action Bronson, and Joey Bada$$, there’s no one better to document this movement. As an exclusive luxury menswear brand, their goal was to rack Polo clothes and bring upper-class threads into streetwear in a way that was empowering and a huge fuck you to elitism as well.

Gould teamed up with Thirstin Howl the 3rd, the Lo Life founder, and together they have amassed a series of interviews, pictures, portraits and info on the key players to make a book that documents how a small group of Brooklyn kids made waves around the globe. IPF and Doomsday have come together to present probably one of the most popping showcases of Polo love out, so be sure to head over to the IPF site for all the details on this coming Friday 18.

02. BRING CASH - Melbourne, Location TBC

To wrap up a year of council disputes, controversy, censorship and shut down galleries, LUSHSUX is putting on another secret show which will probably take the controversial cake.

BRING CASH will bring Lush’s commentary on a range of political issues and memes into the spotlight for all of those willing to sign a consent form. Visitors will be blindfolded and escorted in a black van to the secret exhibition location where only half an hour is allowed to soak up the lush art. Sounds pretty standard, right? Guests will need to purchase a ticket so if you don’t want to miss out on what is sure to be a very confronting expo, head over to Backwoods Gallery’s site for full deets.

03. Polarity - Fitzroy

Christopher Hancock wears his art on his sleeve. With his solo show Polarity just days away, the artist shared the video below that gives a very personal insight into his creative process. As an artist, his work speaks volumes on the power of letting the process occur organically, as his pieces come together only through layers and layers of paint, to produce the final spellbinding result. Word is that some of the work couldn’t even fit through BSIDE Gallery’s doors, so we’re pretty hyped to see what exactly it was that required a crane. Make sure you check out the Facebook event for the full scoop.

04. Porcelain Paradise - Brisbane

Having spent the first couple months of this year travelling, John Kaye is finally local again and ready to showcase the result of a heavy grind. We’re talking nine fresh paintings done to accompany the release of his book, Porcelain Paradise. The pieces will be up at The Culprit Club for the rest of the month, so be sure to roll through and check out what he’s been putting out. Not to mention we were lucky enough to chat with Kaye himself, so have a read whilst you finish deciding What You’re Doing this weekend.