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WYD – Your weekly gallery roll call, January 19

Beat your mental blockades with some genuine inspiration

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I’ve been thinking a lot about writers block lately, after having flicked through Justin Lim’s latest series ‘Blooms‘. How do we get ideas to bloom? Personally, every technique I have for getting shit done involves procrastinating. Can’t think of how to start writing? Make a tea! Made no progress for the past 20 minutes? Get a snack! Can’t focus because of all these dishes in your work space? Do the dishes!

The bi-product of this is, of course, that I end up procrastinating on the dishes and so on so forth until I literally have half an hour left to write whatever it was I was trying to do. So it’s pretty appropriate that my editor got me one of those ‘Get Shit Done’ books, and two weeks in, I have only misplaced it twice so I’d say things are going pretty well. One of the best parts about WYD for me is not only seeing the amazing work artists are pushing out, but also reading about their channels of inspiration. For me, it’s a lesson in looking for actual inspiration rather than distractions to get shit done.

As always, make sure to let us know WYD by sending your art events to [email protected].

01. La Dolce Vita - Fitzroy, VIC

Our friends at Junior Space are giving lessons in getting shit done this year with their most recent exhibition. Melbourne-based artist Bec Capp has pretty much blown us away with her most recent feat, having launched her self-published photo book ‘La Dolce Vita’ this week. As an exploration of tourism and cultural difference with an Italian backdrop, the inspiration from her environment allowed for images that dance on the boarder between familiarity and discovery with utter grace. Showing until this Sunday, it’s well worth checking out the full details here before all the posters and books are out.

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02. Artist Talks - Leichhardt, NSW

The upcoming shows at Articulate Project Space have definitely piqued our interest. First up, the showing of ‘Displacement’ by Perrie Lacroix is centred around “human displacements”. Here, Lacroix delves into realm of politics, tourist and artistic migrations and the way in which they are conditioned and the subsequent way in which they interact.

Alongside this showing is Sarah J Newall’s inspiring project ‘Fashist (Summer Wardrobe).’ Taking ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to a whole new level, Newall created a wardrobe along the zero waste principle that surpasses unethical clothing moulds. Be sure to head over to their Facebook event for the full details of the opening on this coming Saturday.

03. Off The Kerb Summer Exhibitions - Collingwood, VIC

Our neighbours at Off The Kerb are back at it again for their Summer exhibitions with opening celebrations kicking off Friday night. The line up of artists is as diverse and exciting as that which we have come to expect from Kerb, including pieces from David Lee Pereira, Matto Lucas, Julia Both and Andy Leaf.

From exploring the nuances of the queer artistic scene, to the insecurities around sex and understanding the internal self, there’s a plethora of self discovery waiting in the Collingwood gallery. It takes a lot to get to such a perusable level with ones artistic practise, and all of the exhibitions channel the core of each respective artist. Be sure to check out their Facebook event for the full artist recap and details for the opening night.

04. Is Roy Coming? - Collingwood, VIC

Budd Street Gallery’s upcoming exhibition features 9 artists’ differentiating approaches to colour. As curated by Leah Follacchio and Daniel Rohrlach-Tremaine ‘Is Roy Coming?’ gives artists and viewers a like to consider the way we think about colour. This can be in terms of political associations, emotional ties or just general aesthetic: the possibilities, much like the colour spectrum, are endless. Have a suss of their Facebook event for the details on the upcoming opening night.

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05. Rome Noir - Redcliffe, QLD

After traveling and working overseas for  twelve years, artist Martin Wetherill has finally made the journey home and we’re pretty freaking psyched to see what he’s got to show us. With a background in theatre arts, film TV, cinema and media studies (and a cameo in Star Wars VI ‘Revenge of the Sith??) there’s no doubt that Wetherill has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.

Presenting a series of neo noir images, the exploration of light in the city of Rome shows off his collection of urban street photography. Head over to the Facebook event for finer details of the exhibitions opening.