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Celebrate diversity with BE. Collective’s cultural talk this Thursday

There's no better way to understand other cultures than to hear stories of personal experience

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If your social media timelines are anything like ours, public discussions around race and culture can range from enlightening to infuriating but the bottom line is we probably can’t get enough constructive conversation around this hot topic. Cue BE. – a new Melbourne-based collective focussing on providing a platform for just that.

This Thursday, the crew will be hosting a talk revolving around the incredibly diverse subject of culture. Featuring a lineup of interesting, talented, and culturally in-tune individuals, the panel aims to shed light on personal experiences with embracing and sharing their different cultural heritage and invites attendees to do the same. Alongside the talk, all attendees will receive a copy of CULTURE TALK – CULTURE MAG edition #01, a specially published zine that further celebrates the rich network of cultures our friends and peers hark from.

We’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at a few of the choice portraits from the CULTURE MAG, which you can check out above (and probably recognise a familiar face or two). Note the event details below and make sure to round up your mates to head down to the talk on Thursday.

Thursday February 9, 6.30pm-9pm
Magic Johnston
27-29 Johnston St

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