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Dave Chappelle slays his SNL monologue

"We've actually elected an internet troll as our president"

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Dave Chappelle returns to the SNL stage, and the result of his politically-charged monologue is nothing short of amazing.

Chappelle wastes no time before delving into the election that has seemingly polarised a nation. “We’ve actually elected an internet troll as our president,” he argues. “I haven’t seen white people this mad since O.J.” He then discusses the United States’ dangerous relationship with gun violence, mentioning police brutality and the Orlando massacre at Pulse nightclub, “the worst mass shootings in the history of the United States”. Oh yeah, and he mentions our beloved Harambe, who was shot in a Cincinnati Zoo. “You’re about to see a lot of n****s in gorilla costumes.”

He then takes a moment to acknowledge the initiatives that have been created in response to Black Lives Matter; in particular, the police’s own response. “Blue Lives Matter. What, was you born a police? That is not a blue life. That’s a blue suit. You don’t like it? Take that suit off.”

And the Trump-talk continues. “I don’t know if he’s going to make a good President, but he makes a swell hotel suite, I tell you that,” Chappelle continues. “Housekeeping comes in in the morning, cleans my room. Good morning, housekeeping. Grab a big handful of pussy. Boss said it was okay.”

The end of the monologue sees Chappelle break away from tradition and ending on a serious note. “I’m going to give [Trump] a chance,” he resolves. “And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.” Pretty powerful stuff. To laugh is to be a little less afraid. This surely has to be one of the most humble, and thought-provoking, SNL monologues to date. Thank you, Dave. Check out the full monologue below.

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