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Dave Chappelle’s comedy specials are coming to Netflix very, very soon

"I know I've been gone for a very long time..."

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When Netflix announced they would be working with Dave Chappelle on new comedy specials for the streaming service, it’s pretty safe to say that the whole world was very, very excited. This was spurred on by Dave’s return to Saturday Night Live and we’ve basically just been hanging out for more news on the project ever since. This morning, Netflix US tweeted the incredibly good news that two of the proposed Chappelle specials would be released on March 21.

The tweet features a clip of Dave looking suitably pensive as a voiceover (presumably from the special) plays over the top. If that is anything to go by, it sounds as though we’ll be getting more of the uncomfortably funny social commentary that we’ve come to expect from the comedian. Topics of race, including Martin Luther King Jr, OJ Simpson, and being Dave Chappelle all come up in the preview, so you already know it’s going to get heated.

At this stage, the news has just been shared by Netflix’s US Twitter account, so hopefully we’ll be seeing the same scheduling in Australia. Check out the preview below.

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