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Picture this: Radiohead’s ‘Creep’, belted out by a tank-top wearing Dave Chappelle live on stage with Erykah Badu. You can’t? Well, there’s video footage that brings this obscure picture to reality.

The late singer Prince performed an incredible rendition of ‘Creep’ back in his Coachella set of 2008. Known for impersonating Prince, much to the singer’s amusement, Chappelle takes this one to less impressive level but it’s still just as hilarious. He might not be as good on the chords as Prince, but he does put on a damn good performance.

It’s the kind of video you wish didn’t have to end, but alas, it cuts off almost too soon. It’s not too bad though because from here you can just get stuck into that Dave Chappelle part of YouTube that is known to somehow eat up hours of your time. And when a potential Prince impersonation clip might pop up in the suggested videos, we definitely aren’t complaining. Check out Dave’s version of the song, and compare it with Prince’s from 2008 in the gallery above.

Weekly updates