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This graphic novel ~may~ encourage you to actually read Apple’s T&Cs

Featuring a protagonist in a black turtle neck, blue jeans and runners

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We’d argue that it’s safe to say not a single person reading this has ever read Apple’s infamously long Terms and Conditions. In fact, probably the only people who have ever read the entire 20 699 word-long T&Cs are the people who are paid to write them. And let’s be honest, it was probably written by robots anyway because nobody has time for that.

With guidelines longer than Macbeth, it’s a no-brainer that everyone is going to hit ‘agree’ without even giving the thing a skim read. Enter Robert Sikoryak with the ‘Unauthorised Adaptation: TERMS AND CONDITIONS.”

Sikoryak was drawn to the T&Cs as the basis of a long-form graphic novel for how famous they are, yet the lack of knowledge of its actual content.  Starring the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, the comic revolves around a hero in junners. The cover features a Wolverine-esque Jobs, as well as many other iconic renditions. The style of drawings may change throughout the comic, but our protagonist and his classic outfit stays the same.

Boasting a resume including work for Nickelodeon and The New York Times, Sikoryak’s final product actually makes the T&C’s look engaging. Have a flick through some preview pages in the gallery above, or you can get yours here.

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