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Here are all the samples from Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”

And it's not surprising how surprising his choices are...

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Who knew it was possible to have gone through The Life of Pablo enough times to have returned to the internet for that little bit more Kanye? We didn’t think we’d be able to cram any more Yeezy into this week, but of course, one must factor in the background to each track. Yep, we have begun delving into the universe that is Mr West’s unparalleled sample library. And we have to say, we love these samples like Kanye loves Kanye. Behind each track lies the same questions: where the hell did he find this, why did he choose it and how did he know it was going to work so damn well?

Flick through the video gallery to keep your Pablo vibes going and listen to the foundations of the album that has basically renamed 2016 ‘The Year of Ye.’

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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