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Intimate images from Kanye’s last YEEZY show

Views from Madison Square Garden

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The start of this year marked the beginning of Yeezy Season 3 and Ye made sure we all knew it by putting on maybe the biggest album drop/runway/fashion line release/pass-the-aux-chord-sesh we have ever seen. Some 20,000 people were in physical attendance, including of course the Kardashian squad fully decked out in custom Balmain (same). The whole thing was streamed live to cinemas around the world so we got to see the whole thing as it unfolded, including the SoundCloud buffering. For Kanye, it was a time for him to share his latest creation and he didn’t take the honour of doing this with such a great number of people lightly.

“You know this album is really a gospel album and the first song ‘Ultra Light Beams’ said  “This is a God dream” and this is something like all y’all 20,000 people here right now is something that couldn’t a happen without God really holding me down. It’s been a hard struggle and I feel so happy I feel so much joy to be able to actually follow my dreams without people shitting on me and being given an  opportunity to create as an artist and I’ll forever appreciate Jay Z for that, I’ll forever appreciate adidas for that, and I’ll forever appreciate my wife and her family for supporting me. When I go crazy on the fashion world and do all that shit.”

With such deep feelings wrapped up in the project versus the sheer amount of people watching, it’s hard to imagine the private moments that arose. The photos in the gallery above show the views from Madison Square, as captured by highly sought-after photographer Pari Dukovic for the team at GQ Style. In the series, Dukovic offers an intimate look into The Life of Pablo and the night that set the tone for the rest of the Kanye whirlwind that we have since been swept into this year. Take a look for yourself and make sure you listen to his latest “very Kanye” interview while you’re at it.

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