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Top 5: Hoodlem share their favourite low-key local hangout spots

If you frequent Melbourne's northern suburbs, you've probably seen Hoodlem at one of these places

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With their self-titled EP freshly released, Melbourne duo Hoodlem are getting set to step into the spotlight in a big way. Up until now, they’ve managed to keep a pretty low profile and we managed to get them to share some of their favourite local spots to hit up for a hangs of all sorts. A cursory glance at their Top 5 indicates a gravitation towards the northern suburbs of Melbourne and anyone who frequents the area will probably already spend a lot of time in many of these places, possibly at the same time as Hoodlem but you’d probably never know it.

If you want to get familiar with the elusive duo IRL, we’re supporting their showcase this month, where they will be celebrating the release of their EP, alongside fellow talents Nico Ghost, GXNXVS, and Alice Ivy. Check out full event details here and make sure you’ve secured your tickets for the night. In the meantime, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the pair at one of the spots below.

Hoodlem EP is available now.

01. The Raccoon Club

Free pool table and good, vegan burgers next door—what more do you want?

02. Darebin Parklands

There’s a river there and I love to take my dog there for a swim and go for walks. We’re lucky in Melbourne there are loads of parks to explore and take a break from city life.

03. Plug Seven Record Store

This place has a great collection of hip-hop vinyl. I got the best I Wish My Brother George Was Here by Del the Funky Homosapien. Perfect place for finding music that extends your low key hangs back home.

04. Gordan Grove

This one isn’t a public low-key hang spot but it’s where we have our studio that we use for Hoodlem. The house there is really a halfway hang place with all our friends in Northcote, it’s got a real music vibe. Backyards / sharehouses are a definite low key hang for Melbourne.

05. Shoku Iku

It’s a Japanese raw food café on High Street and they do all the stuff I’m into—matcha lattes and smoothies and yummy raw food.