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Vic Mensa releases powerful video for ‘There’s A Lot Going On’

The rapper offers himself up for target practise but no one will be taking shots after this

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Sometimes when a new rapper is coming through and is getting super hyped up, you can be left wondering if it’s actually their talent or just the people around them who’ve been plugging them that’s generating the frenzy. Whilst Vic Mensa has been signed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation and has been on a pretty wild media ride since, his latest clip leaves no doubt that he’s exactly where he’s meant to be.

After dropping his much-anticipated EP last week, the 23-year-old has swiftly followed up with a video for his track ‘There’s a Lot Going On’, which doubles as the title of the EP.

The Chicago rapper is shown spitting in front of a white screen with target practise images zooming past, of both idols and those haunting him alike. Unlike his video clip for ‘No Chill’, where there genuinely was a lot going on, this video is incredibly stripped back. With a dark past, which he recently discussed with us in our Rebirth issue, this video shows a glimpse of all he has experienced on his journey thus far. From his relationship fights, drug abuse, touring, the split from his previous band Kids These Days, linking up with Jay Z and Kanye West and the effect it’s had on him since—it’s a lot to take in. Mensa shows he isn’t about to shy away from the truth, and looking down the barrel of the camera it’s like he dares you to go there with him.

The end shows Mensa becoming a body for target practise, being outlined by bullets. Of course, as his tattoo says, he’s “still alive” as the video finishes up, but we might have died in the process because this clip is almost too much to handle. Digging deep and getting right into the heart of his story, it’s proof that he’s worth the hype around him and more.

It’s one thing to hear the track, and another to witness him rap it out like this. Check out the video above and recognise the realness.

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