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Odd Future members, Taco and Jasper Dolphin, have followed in their leader’s footsteps with the creation of their own clothing labels. Originally, we saw Tyler the Creator step away from the music scene and branch into the fashion industry with his label, Golf Wang. It proved to be a massive success and we couldn’t get enough of those pastel-coloured pieces with cutesy illustration designs printed across them.

It’s easy to see Taco and Jasper’s inspiration continues to lie with Tyler, as the pair incorporate bright colours with quirky cartoon illustrations into their own labels. Whilst they share the same domain, it only seemed appropriate to release two different clothing labels. Taco’s is dubbed Tuesday an you can find Jasper’s under J by Jasper.

The two clothing labels feature similar products including tees, pins and socks, with J by Jasper adding the popular dad hat to his list of items. The designs are very literal as well. Tuesday features none other than a taco illustration on the items, whilst J by Jasper couldn’t go past a pixelated dolphin graphic. Check them out in the gallery above and don’t forget to visit their site to order yours now.

Weekly updates