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With streetwear items selling out faster than comeback concert tickets, it’s not uncommon to be scouring eBay and other reseller channels to cop that sweet limited release you’ve had your eye on for the past week. Because of this, you’re probably more likely to fall victim to counterfeit products or get distracted by an array of parody brands. The latter is often a much more affordable option, not to mention the lol-factor is priceless.

One of the newest inductees to the game are HypePeace. In case their label name doesn’t already hint at it, the brand takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to some pretty sobering causes. Their first drop is a direct play on coveted skate brand Palace and their instantly recognisable triangle logo, substituting the brand’s name with ‘Palestine’. The collection is raising awareness and funds for Palestinian group Sharek Youth Forum, which assists young people in the region to pursue creative community projects.

Take a look at the collection of tees and hoodies in the gallery above and visit their website for purchase info.

Weekly updates