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Terry Presume’s Guide to the South Florida Music Scene

Fresh from releasing his new single ‘ZaZa and Some Runts (Smoke Break)’ the Florida-born, Nashville-based artists breaks down some of his picks from the South Florida scene.

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Born in Naples, Florida and raised in a neighbourhood called Golden Gate by a Haitian single mother, Terry Presume has overcome more than most with music providing a source of survival and healing. He grew up surrounded by Haitian Kompa music that his mother played for him and the sounds of 50 Cent, Eminem and classic R&B that lined his community. At just 8 years old and a deeply shy kid, Terry wrote his first poem, and by the age of 11 he taught himself to write and produce music – both of which he excelled in and used as a medium to navigate the different cultures and worlds that he straddled.

Following a tumultuous escape to Los Angeles with nothing but a dream of “success” and $200 in his pocket, he ultimately doubled down on his music and his own sense of self, resulting in a body of work that is led by his emotions and lived experiences rather than genres.

Despite calling Nashville, Tennessee his home today, Terry has gifted us with a guide to some of the most important music from around his hometown of Naples in South Florida.

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01. KVON

KVON is a childhood friend who was in a rap group with me throughout middle school and high school, he’s heavily talented in music, our Caribbean background definitely diversified our taste in music, KVON’s also a producer and engineer amongst being a lyricist – his impact on the local scene has been an inspiration to those before and after him.

02. Bulk Slim

Bulk Slim is a gritty south Florida rapper with heavy 90s to early 2000s New Orleans rap influences mixed into his Florida upbringing giving him his own unique rap style, he’s made a couple of local anthems that cemented his name in the Golden Gate/ Naples music scene, his older brother (Heata Man) is also a multifaceted musician himself and having that in ln-home musical guidance shows in his work ethic.


03. FUCK SAKI and ODarious

One of the latest instalment to the local Golden Gate/ Naples scene are these two artists, Fuck Saki and ODarious. Fuck Saki has an alternative grunge rap style of music that separates him from the rest of the musical community, and O’Darious has the greatest balance between lyrical and gritty rap and he’s possibly the most explosive rapper in the area they’re also 2/4 of a rap collective that goes by 9600 (ninety-six hundred) and it consists of rappers Dark Devy, O’Darious, OEDaPrince, and Fuck Saki—all together they’re a force to be reckoned with.


One the most affluent artists of the local Naples / Golden Gate scene is DC THE GREAT. Known for his catchy trap tunes and officialized image, DC has made an impact on the scene by bringing together other rap artists and making them elevate their craft sonically and visually. He’s the creator of another musical collective called Mad Minds which consist of artists like Chi, Driz1k, Bulk Slim, Quiz and etc.

05. Backhouse

Backhouse is the largest music collective in the Naples music scene, they’ve really championed the scene for quite some time and rightfully so, each artist they have bring something new to the table and it’s all professionally executed. Their artists consist of Slyte, Seno, Ike Lysergic, Dominic Fike, Lastminutecustomer and etc

I also have some honorable mentions: Thehippiecircle, Dead link crew, and Intrepid Travellers.