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If you weren’t already experiencing the worst FOMO known to man as Camp Flog Gnaw came to a close, then the festival’s surprise performance might just do the trick. Sure, it wasn’t a secret that the lineup was one of the best we’d seen in a hot minute. But considering the dream-team-of-all-dream-teams took the stage, it’s safe to say our gravestone will read ‘death by FOMO.’

The cheeky “TBA” on the bill between Erykah Badu and Schoolboy Q’s sets lead to speculation that a performance from the elusive Frank Ocean was on the cards. The TBA added with the ‘November 13’ stamp on his infamous ‘due date’ docket made it seem like Ocean was a sure bet.

Yet as the twisting spirals of DNA on screen unwound to spell ‘EarlWolf’, it was Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt that took the stage for their first performance together in two years. Taking advantage of an empty 30-minute slot, the pair smashed out banger after banger, including “Orange Juice,” the only track officially recorded under their moniker.

And if that somehow wasn’t enough, Domo Genesis came through to help deliver “Rusty”, from Tyler’s album Wolf. Tyler himself was pretty rusty on his game, forgetting his lyrics but settling for a 12-bar freestyle as an easy compensation. Check out the fan-made video above whilst we light candles in prayer, thanking EarlWolf for its resurrection.

Weekly updates